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Art Party!
Our Birthday Girl is 6!
Chinese Dragons for all!
Art Party Fun!
The Birthday Girl!
Art Party! What fun these talented artists had!
HS, 8, and AK, 12, Clay Owls
EK, 5. Fall Leaf
JK, 10, Colored Pencil Pumpkin Fun
JK, 10, Fall Aspens
KK, 12, Fall Aspens
JK, 10. Fall Aspens
KK, 12, Fall Aspens
EB, 5, Scarecrow
EK,5, Scarecrow
JK, 10, Paste Apple
EB, 5, Bleeding Tissue Apples
KK, 12, Watercolor Fall Leaf
EK, 5 Fall Apples
JK, 10, Fall Leaf
KK, 12, Fall Apple
AC, 5, Me Swimming Under Water
EB, 5, Me Swimming Under Water
EK, 5, Me Swimming Under Water
JB, 8, Clay Vase
EB, 5, Ice Cream Cone
EK, 5, Ice Cream Cone
JK, 10, Summer Selfie
EK, 5, Summer Selfie
KK, 11, Summer Selfie
SG, 5, Rooster
DG, 4, Rooster
EK,5, Rooster
EK, 5, Barnyard
SG, 5, Horse
EK, 5, Horse
M 5, Barnyard
SG, 5 Barnyard
DG, 4, Horse
JS, 8, Clay Lion
TS,10, Clay Lion
BP, 11, Clay Lion
CM, 8, bleeding tissue sea horse
HS, 8, bleeding tissue sea horse
EM,8, bleeding tissue sea horse
AB, 8, Dolphin Banner
WP, 6, Shark Banner
GN, 6, Shark Banner
WP, 6, and GN, 6
DB, 6, Shark Banner
EK, 5, Dophin Banner
HS, 8, Narwal
EK, 5
AB, 8, and DB, 6
AB, 8, Under the Sea
EM, 8, Narwal
CM,8, Narwal
GN, 6, Under the Sea
DB, 6, Under the Sea
EK, 5, Under the Sea
BP, 11, sea turtle
HS, 8, sea turtle
WP, 6, Under the Sea
DB, 6, fish
WP, 6 fish
AB, 8, fish
TS, 10, clay lion
GN, 6, fish
JS, 8, clay lion
BP, 11, clay lion
BP, 11, finished lion
AA, 9, bear
AN, 12, bear
JA, 11, bear
JB, 8, bear
RS, 9, bear
NB, 10, bear
RA, 4, dog
EB, 5, "Penny"
EN, 7, dog
BP, 11, owl
JB, 8, panda
CM, 8, dolphin
RS, 9, calf
NB, 10 fawn
EM, 8, puppy
AN, 12, panda
NB, 10, cat
JA,11, dragon
JB, 8, cat
AN, 12, cat
RS, 9, cat
AN, 9, cat
EM,8, cat
BP, 11, cat
EB, 5, "fat cat!"
PC, 10, clay horse
JA, 11, cat
CM, 8, 1 Point Perspective
HS, 8, 1 Point Perspective
EH, 10, clay "Thestral" from Harry Potter
HS, 8, Lines and Circles
CM 8, Lines and Circles
EM, 8, 1 Point Perspective
CM, 8, carefully painting!
EM, 8, Lines and Circles
HS, 8, LOVES dragons!
EM, 8, working hard!
HS, 8, painting away!
EH, 10, brown and black dragon!
LN, 9, and his castle!
JK, 10, red and blue dragon!
LN, 9, black and silver dragon!
CM, 8, blue and purple dragon!
EM, *, purple dragon!
EM,8, and her castle!
JK, 10, and his wizard!
CM, 8, made a castle!
EM, 8, and her wizard!
EL, 8, with wizard, day 2!
JH, 10, castle!
EH, 10, and his wizard!
LN, 9, also drew a wizard!
CM, 8, a wizard for Fantasy Week!
CM, 8, finished her clay Baby Yoda!
TW, 11, with His Baby Yoda!
EM, 8, also with Baby Yoda!
KP, age 5 with her beautiful collage!
Day 2, crayon flowers and watercolor!
CH, age 5 did a great job!
KP, age 5, with her beautiful flower garden!
Scissors and Glue!
CH is so pleased with his painting!
KP, age five working hard on her flower garden!
EC, 7, and his caterpillar and beautiful mountains!
CH, 5, loves to draw and paint!
Father's Day frames and cards! HM-4, ZS-7 and OS-5
More frames and cards! EM, EL, and CM, all 8. What fun we had!
Sisters! EM and CM age 8
Mixed media butterly
Brothers! JS, CS, and TS
EM, age 8 with lady bugs and bees!
CM, age 8 with her "Gone Buggy" paintings!
Mixed Media butterfly
CS, age 5 with his caterpillar!
TS, age 10 and his CO caterpillar!
JS, age 8 - another great caterpillar!
JC, age 5 is pleased with her caterpillar!
HM, age 4 is all smiles!
AC, age 5 loves to paint!
HM, age 4 working hard on her painting!
JC, age 5 painting her lady bugs
AC, age 5 in Bugs Bugs Bugs class -having fun!